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Polyelastic Woven Elastic Tape Fashion Garments

Ladies Knitted Garments

POLYELASTIC (P) LIMITED is a reputed corporate for manufacturing quality products in the field of “Narrow Woven Fabric – Elastic Tapes”.

“Spandex (Satin) Elastic Tape” is one of the most valuable products manufactured by POLYELASTIC. The Spandex (Satin) Elastic Tapes are used by Garment Manufacturers in Women & Children's Knitted Rayon Cotton Blend Summer Wear. The Spandex Elastic Tapes are also used in various other Fashion Garments for Women.

POLYELASTIC is manufacturing “Shoulder Elastic Tapes” by Spandex or Heat Resistant Latex Rubber Thread as specified by customers. These elastic tapes are used in Women Night Wear Garments, Sports Brassieres, Sports Garments and Children wear.

POLYELASTIC also produce high quality “Shoe Elastics” upto 200 mm width regularly used by branded Shoe Manufacturers / Exporters.


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